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To position seafood entrees, vegetables, meat, cheese and other foods for the table with a touch of extra color and a unique flavor.

Cooker (gas)

Positioned directly on the fire or into the door plate, 5 minutes over low heat and 10 minutes over high heat. 1) Without turning off the gas, proceed to the cooking of your foods without adding salt, oil only if desired, spices or lemon juice; 2) Cooking at sight. At the end of the 15/20 minutui turn off the gas, with oven gloves, if you have not used the port plate, place the same on a cutting board and started cooking food previously prepared; the heat will persist for some time. We suggest cooking with this method foods that do not require long cooking (fish, shellfish, ottili meat, vegetables).

BBQ plate

Positioned directly on the grill after bringing to temperature your coals. Allow the plate to warm up well, place the food and wait for the other’s cooking without adding salt to your food.

Baking tray

Place your plate on the pan at medium height oven, bring the oven to maximum temperature (minimum 220 °) and wait for about an hour so that the plate heat accumulation, (you can also insert a small bowl with water to moisture). Prepare the food you wish to cook. With oven mitts place it at the center of your table on a wooden cutting board or other and started firing on sight. Your guests will be amazed at both the preparation, that the unique taste and natural.

Plate with electrical resistance

Place the plate on the grid with the resistance, turn on, after about 15 minutes will come to temperature for the various cooking. You can proceed with the resistance on if you have so many firings to achieve or turn it off and cook your food.

Cold flow plate

Place the plate in the freezer a few hours before serving the food to cool it well. Prepared the food that you want to bring to the table (raw fish, cheeses, meats, tartare, sushi) take the cold plate and put on your food; The cold temperatures will persist for some time and give you a flavor to your food more. When the plate is completely worn out (you will age), or it will be broken, you can still be used for other types of cooking such as fish and meat to salt.

Check the temperature

Whenever heat the plate never forget to moisten even during the phase when you raise the temperature always with a cloth. To know whether it is ready to various cooking just throw one drop of water on the stone, if vanishes or fry the stone indicates that it is at temperature, otherwise wait a few more minutes.


Before cooking meat very thick, high temperature scald without seasonings in order to stop the juices. Finish cooking on the plate and serve.

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